Choosing A Garage Door Design: What To Consider

Article by John Courtney

A garage can be one of the most prominent features of a property and is often the first thing that visitors see. That’s why it’s important to choose a garage door design that not only keeps the garage safe and secure, but which also makes a stylish first impression. Read on for tips to help you pick the perfect design when selecting a new garage door.

Choose a material

Garage doors are manufactured from a variety of materials, each of which has different properties and benefits.

With the natural character and detail of a woodgrain finish, timber garage doors are a popular choice for creating a classic look. Timber also offers great levels of insulation, making it a good option if you are using your garage as an additional living space, like an office or playroom.

Long lasting and low maintenance, steel garage doors are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, making it easier to coordinate your door with the rest of your home. Steel is also incredibly sturdy and tough, so will keep your garage secure while withstanding the elements.

A blend of glass and plastic, GRP is a composite material that is highly weather-resistant and won’t rust or rot. This means GRP doors are well-suited to the variable conditions of the UK and will remain in great condition, whatever the forecast.

Pick a colour

From crisp, clean white to smart black and grey, garage doors are available in a variety of colours to suit every home. When picking a shade, consider the colour scheme of your property, including external doors and windows. Create a coordinated look by choosing a similar tone for your garage, or make a statement with a contrasting hue.

Select a style

The style of a garage door is typically defined by how it opens. For example, up and over garage doors do just that – lift up and over the garage opening to allow access. When the door is open, it sits flat against the ceiling of the garage. This is the most popular style of door, as it is constructed of a single panel which makes it easy to install and operate.

This simple design also means there is little that can go wrong with the door, but if a problem does occur, they are easy to repair. Canopy-style up and over doors have no mechanism at the sides, which maximises the width of the opening and is ideal if you park a vehicle in your garage. Other door styles include roller, side-hinged, and sectional.

Add automation?

Many garage doors, including up and over designs, can be fitted with a motor to automate opening and closing the door. Automation is a useful addition if you struggle to lift or pull the weight of the door, as it allows you to access your garage at the press of a button with no heavy lifting. It also makes it easier to park inside the garage, as you can enter and exit without leaving your vehicle – which is particularly useful when it’s raining.

Speak to the specialists

With plenty of options to pick from, it can be tricky to choose the right material, colour, and style. For help selecting the best garage door design for your home, speak to our friendly team on 07947 779 493 or get in touch via our contact form.