Which Type Of Garage Door Should I Choose?

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Article by Courtney Garage Doors

Good looks help but they aren’t everything. If you are thinking about retiring that old squeaky garage door of yours or you have simply started to finally discover the wonders of the 21st-century technological solutions, we are here to help. You should definitely be looking at a Garage Door that fits your style and property but without forgetting the importance of functionality.

Up & Over Garage Doors

Up & Over is the most common type of garage door mechanism used in the UK mostly because they are a safe, reliable and simple opening solution. You can choose from two different styles of Up & Over Garage Doors:

  • Canopy: made of a single rigid panel balanced and assisted by torsion springs as it lifts open, this type of door is generally the most affordable option. It is more suitable for garages with less than 8ft wide and if you are not considering automation. You can eventually add a good quality bow arm converter to make it automated but be aware that you will also be reducing headroom.
  • Retractable: if your garage entrance is wider than 8 feet this type of door would be a most suitable choice. Like the canopy, it consists of a one-piece panel but it can take much heavier loads and it is easily converted to be remote control operated.



Roller Garage Doors

If space is your main priority Roller garage doors may be the right fit for you as they don’t require any external space. It is ideal if you have a shorter driveway or require a larger entrance clearance. Its smooth vertical opening consists of slats rolling around themselves into a small curtain roll. This means this type of door can be installed even if your garage has limited headroom.

Be aware of the major difference between high and low-quality Roller garage doors have when it comes to longevity. Due to a large number of small components necessary for its operation if choosing a lower priced roller door you may be compromising in durability.



Sectional Garage Door

In growing demand is also the Sectional garage door which offers excellent sealing and therefore greater insulation. They consist of several individual panels that slide up vertically and then horizontally which can maximize the length of your driveway area.



Side Hinged Garage Doors

Very traditional in style, Side Hinged garage doors are most useful if you don’t intend on using your garage for a vehicle. They are divided into two parts and are mainly designed to be of easy access to pedestrians. Contrary to popular belief they can also be automated with an overhead door opener.



Whether you want a brand new door installed or are looking to upgrade your existing door the Courtney Garage Doors’ expert team can advise on the best solution tailored to your specifications. Get in touch today to find out more about our range of garage doors available in a wide variety of styles and materials that cater to all tastes.